Daily Market News !!!

AUD/USD: Trendline Support Bears lined up for Breakout Below The AUD/USD pair will be currently trading at 0.6961 that will go to the range between the 0.6958 and 0.6964 that will seem the bear chip away to the hourly trendline support below the level below 0.7000. In Asia, the bear […]

Daily Market Updates!!!

GBP/USD The cable pair will rise at the 1.2560 while heading to the London session on Wednesday. It will surge at the highest level since mid-June on Tuesday according to the press time. Moreover, Brexit and the measures are like the safeguard to the British economy and it will weigh […]

Daily Market News !!!

Economic Data will Continues to Weigh On the Greenback Next to RBA According to the market it will continue to support the majors that will shift to the RBA geopolitics and the COVID-19 with the curveballs.It is quite a day ahead it is clearly seen on the economic calendar that […]

Daily Market News!!!

The GBP/USD pair will be pulled back at the 1.2415 to 1.2428 and goes to the level 0.05% that will be heading to the London session on Friday. The cable pair will keep going to the intraday range that will go between the 1.2415 and the 1.2430 according to the […]

Daily Market Updates !!!!

EUR/USD Go and Keep attention on 1.1170 – UOB The EUR/USD pair could test the 1.1170 that will support and decline the level that will subsequently go to the highest level at 1.1254 and quickly dropped to the 1.1175 (-0.25%) in the last 24 charts. By reaching the downward trends […]