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USD/JPY: Pair will Show the Mixed Outlook Unchanged UOB

The USD/JPY 24-hour chart view yesterday USD will weaken at 107.80. The next support level for this pair 107.50. It will subsequently be dropped to the level at 107.60 before going to end the level at 107.72(-0.65%). Moreover, the USD/JPY is dipped below the 107.50 for today the major support level is at 107.00 is not expected and there is minor support at 107.30 it will go to the upside and move above the 108.30 with the minor resistance at 108.10.

  • For the condition, it will surge the higher level of 109.84 from the last Friday it will be shown in the result in a huge decline yesterday. The USD closed at the level 108.42 and it will be lost at the -1.06 which seems the drop in 10 weeks.
  • On the other hand, the USD could trade in a choppy manner and stay within the 107.00/109.00.
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